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UIC-P, 16 Rue Jean Rey, 75015-PARIS
Organisé par : CFEE Centre de Formation des Editions ESKA

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Thèmes abordés :

  • A global perspective to control breast cancer
  • Newest development in mammography screening, ready...
  • Cost-effectiviness and promises of personalised sc...
  • Effects on mammographic programs on breast cancer ...
  • What means quality management in breast disease ce...
  • Authorities
  • Assurance / social security
  • Medical Profession
  • Patients
  • Developing countries
  • Debate and discussion
  • New molecular diagnostics (NGS, liquid biopsy): Do...
  • Determination genetic risk
  • Bridging the gap between Breast cancer research an...
  • Affordability and cost-effectiviness of new techno...
  • Different aspects of quality in breast surgery
  • Assessment of Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy: Radiology...
  • New modalities of radiation therapy
  • Reconstruction and preventive surgery
  • Avoiding ALND after a positive SNLB: practice patt...
  • Awareness
  • Is Age a important factor in treatment decision
  • A changing world, less chemotherapy, a paradigm sh...
  • Quality indicators in systemic treatment
  • Minimal requirements of Tumor Board and MDM